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Year 5

Through   searching questions, pupils explore key concepts about God, the main events   which underpin Christianity and Christian values. They understand the   importance of the Church in the community and they also have a focus study on   Islam.

Year 6

Through   searching questions, pupils learn about and develop their understanding of   different religious beliefs, justifying personal opinions by exploring   aspects of the Hindu and Christian faith. They explore religious stories,   traditions and practices of each religion, considering the significance to   the lives of believers, as well as developing their own opinion.

Year 7

Through   searching questions, pupils explore differing views about God and what God   means to them and their lives. They review their own ideas and opinions in   light of the beliefs and values of others from differing religions. They   discuss their place in the world and the concept of stewardship.

Year 8

Through   searching questions, pupils study theories associated with God The Creator.   They have opportunities to explore Jesus in other religions, heroism and   where to find guidance before finally a topic about moving on before they   leave Brewood. All this is done through Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

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