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'Be the Best you can Be'


Merit System / Celebrating Success

The school expects all pupils to do their best at all times. In 2011 the school introduced a new merit award system based on the post Olympic Legacy scheme called 'Be the Best You Can Be'. This has improved motivation for all pupils. Work of a high standard is rewarded with a Merit Sticker. When five of these are obtained a Merit Certificate is presented in a Special Celebration Assembly each Friday morning. Parents and other family members are encouraged to attend and share in the good efforts of their children.

The weekly headteacher's newsletter publishes names and photographs of the Merit Winners. If a pupil gains twenty Merit Awards a special Platinum Certificate and inscribed pen will be presented to the winner.  Pupils who gain 30 Merit Awards will receive a Platinum Plus Certificate and will also be presented with a book token.

Merit System


‘Be The Best You can Be’



•Inspire you to achieve your dreams and aspirations
•Help you reach your full potential.
•Improve your self-confidence and boost your self-esteeem.
•Encourage you to take responsibility for your own development and learning.

How to achieve a ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ Merit Award


Merit badges are awarded for outstanding, excellent, exceptional or over and above subject work or for being a good ambassador for Brewood CE (C) Middle School.

•5 merit badges result in a 1st merit certificate.
•Every 5 badges lead to a certificate.
•20 merit badges result in a Platinum certificate and a specially engraved pen.
•30 merit badges result in a Platinum Plus certificate and book voucher.
•50 merit badges result in a Diamond certificate and book voucher.


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